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Band and Choir Students and Parents,

I want to thank you for a great 2022/23 School Year!


Students, your contribution and musical growth made this a wonderful year at EVMS. Every musical group performed well at all musical functions you participated in.


Parents, I hope you had an an enjoyable experience in observing their performances. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to teach and work with your children in becoming better musicians.  


I wish you all a wonderful Summer Break!

Mr. Brill







Congratulations to the Eagle Valley Middle School Students who auditioned and were selected to be members in the 2023 Northern Zone Middle School Honor Band and Choir:


Honor Band:                                                        Honor Choir:
Flutes:                                                                                   Sopranos:
Gabriella Brogna                                                                Maddy McGee
Nicole Bredow                                                                    Alice Hunsaker

Clarinets:                                                                             Altos:
Samantha Bradshaw                                                        Gianna Benavidez
Isael Soriano                                                                       Zariyha Erwin 
Aylin Arroyo                                                                       Elena Koury 
                                                                                               Giselle Nunez
Alto Saxophone:                                                                 Hannah Perez 
Sisirely Mata-Bravo                                                           Allie Shine 
Tenor Saxophone:                                                             Baritones:
Max Canedo                                                                        Micah Giron
                                                                                               Erick Loa 
Baritone Saxophone:                                                        Robert Woodrum 
Cameron Sitlington

Jacob Blandford

Jorge Landa
Kianah Montgomery

Orrin Ronk

Zimri Greenwood

Brielle Caron



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