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           Concert Attire

Concert attire is important. A great sounding performance group not only sounds good, but also looks good. The concert attire will include black pants, jeans or slacks/skirts (for the girls), black shoes, black socks, and the student EVMS Band/Choir polo shirt. These items are to be worn at all concerts and festivals. Symphonic Band members will be issued a tuxedo and are responsible for keeping it clean and in excellent condition.



                                     EVMS Band/Choir Polo Shirt:

The EVMS Band/Choir polo shirt is red with an eagle logo embroidered in the shirt. The cost of the shirt is $16.00; XXL and larger costs $17.00+.  All shirts are adult sizes. If your child is a returning member, then they will not be required to purchase a shirt unless it is damaged, or no longer fits them.

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